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Do you have a car that is no longer a ‘must have’? Perhaps you have a second car that
needs to be sold but that task keeps getting shoved to the bottom of your ‘to do’ list
because you don’t want to deal with it.


We Pay Cash For Used Cars In El Cajon

Taking The Pain Out Of Selling Junked Cars
Buying and selling a car is not the easiest thing to do for many reasons, with one of the main reasons being how much is your trade-in going to be worth when you go to the car dealer to buy a new or used car.

The car you have probably has served you well for many years, but its time has come and perhaps the best you can hope for is to use a cash for junk cars program. However, this presents other problems. Usually, you have to get the car to the dealer or salvage yard. This can be time-consuming and difficult. Also, once you are there, you are stuck with whatever price they want to offer you. If you turn it down, you have to take the car back home, spending more money and more of your time.

Well, if you are looking or wishing for an easier way to sell your used or junked car, Aladdin Car Buyers and its cash for cars El Cajon program may have the answer for you.

Aladdin will come to your home and pay cash for your car. Now, look at that again. They come to you. They make you an offer. If you accept the offer, they pay you on the spot. Aladdin buys cars whether they are running or not or if they are junked and damage. The transaction takes place at your home. There are not a bunch of people looking your car over and debating among themselves and there is no one there pressuring you to buy a new or used car.

This program is designed to make your life easier. Many of us have ended up with a clunker in our driveway that was old and running well until someone ran into it, or until some problem developed that was not discovered until the engine had suffered damages beyond repair. Thus, the car just sits there, while you decide if you should try to tow it to a dealer or garage, try to get it running or put an ad in the paper to try to sell it.

All of those hassles can be avoided by using Aladdin. The transaction is at your home. The price will be fair and you will be free of the anguish of what to do with the vehicle. Aladdin will take care of all the paperwork. It is a service you will not find at any car dealership or any mechanic shop. Also, if you do not like the offer, you do not have to take it.

Basically, the company will purchase the cars that you could not sell in a private party transaction with an individual or with a new or used car dealer. By doing this, you get the car out of your driveway and some cash in your pocket. It is a good deal and one that would be hard to beat.

Contact Aladdin of El Cajon about this unique program. You will be glad you did.


“Who would have known selling my car could be so simple? Well
you guys just convinced me your service rocks!"

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