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Do you have a car that is no longer a ‘must have’? Perhaps you have a second car that
needs to be sold but that task keeps getting shoved to the bottom of your ‘to do’ list
because you don’t want to deal with it.


How to Get Money for Your Car

When you walk out of the front door are you greeted with the sight of a car that is not driven? Maybe it doesn’t run, or it just is not used any more. If you have had the thought “I need money for my car” but haven’t acted on it then you need to read this article.

Many people have found that selling used vehicles is not as easy as placing an ad in the local paper and then saying ‘yes’ to the highest bidder. In reality the process can be tedious, time consuming and costly.

What options are available to get money for that unwanted vehicle?

Place an ad in the local paper
Pay for the ad, and then wait for the phone calls. Answer the same questions over and over again, make appoints for people that do not show up and field lowball offers. Don’t forget; if you are actually lucky enough to sell the car you still need to make the trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles to make sure all of the paperwork is taken care of.

Use the vehicle as a trade-in
Do not be surprised when the dealership offers you less that one quarter of what the vehicle is actually worth, or tells you that it isn’t worth anything but they will dispose of it for you.

‘Part-out’ the vehicle
This option is, at best, time consuming and creates a large mess. What do you do with the carcass or parts of the vehicle that don’t sell?

Call Aladdin Car Buyers
Placing a call to Aladdin Car Buyers will make your life hassle free and quickly put money in your pocket.

A friendly and knowledgeable representative that will guide you through the process of quickly selling that unwanted vehicle will answer your call. An appointment will be set for a representative to view the vehicle. (Appointments are set at time that is convenient for you.) You will then be offered the highest possible price for your vehicle.

Upon acceptance of the offer Aladdin Car Buyers will pay you for the vehicle and then rapidly remove the vehicle from your property. We handle all of the paperwork associated with a car sale, including the dreaded trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles. There is no charge for vehicle removal or handling of the paperwork.

The entire transaction from the phone call to receiving your money usually takes less than 24 hours. Many sales are completed within the same day.

Keep life uncomplicated; call Aladdin Car Buyers today!


“Who would have known selling my car could be so simple? Well
you guys just convinced me your service rocks!"

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